Article 28

" Everyone is entitled to a social and international order in which the rights and freedoms set forth in this Declaration can be fully realized. "

Volkshochschule Lingen

The Volkshochschule Lingen (VHS-Lingen) is set in a rural area and offers a wide variety of courses. Learners come from a wide variety of backgrounds with ages ranging from 15 to 94. Last semester more than 6000 learners enrolled on vocational and non-vocational courses such as: Local History and Geography, Politics, Economy, Pedagogy, Literacy and Numeracy, Foreign Languages at various levels, German as a second language (especially for immigrants), preparatory classes for school exams (second-chance education), vocational education, training courses leading to qualification (in-house or external), Information Technology, various Arts courses, Health, and Culture.
A great importance is attached to the close collaboration with other adult education centres and local, national and international institutions in order to increase know-how, exchange work experiences and build new contacts with other organisations interested in the same topics.

In the late 1980s and early 1990s the migration of ethnic German resettlers to the Federal Republic increased considerably. Many of them as well as asylum seekers now live in our region.
Since then the VHS Lingen has been providing courses for immigrants. In co-operation with the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees we organise meetings with both immigrants and locals where experiences can be shared and ideas for improvement can be discussed.
Furthermore, we have developed a course „Integration Pilots“ where people who are interested in supporting and promoting the integration of immigrants are trained to help immigrants to assimilate and integrate into the German sociaty.
Together with our Equal Opportunity Commission we have developed special courses for female immigrants, such as „ICT courses“ , „Swimming courses“ , „Learning to ride a bike-courses“ in order to gain self-confidence, to get in contact with other people to learn languages with a view to interacting and understanding other cultures.
We are sure that the outcome of this project work will help improve our programme and thus increase public awareness for human rights at local level and beyond. Web site