Article 12

" No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.. "

GermanyDissemination in Germany

1. Preparation of a poster in cooperation with the Emslandmuseum Lingen

Lingen Poster

2. VHS Homepage Information about our project on our homepage:

3. Course catalogue / Human Rights Education
Course catalogue Information of our project in our semi-annual course catalogue.
In each of our semi-annual course catalogues 2011–2013 we provided a project course where we invited interested people of Lingen and surrounding municipalities to learn and talk about Human Rights and at the same time learn English as a tool to communicate with students from other countries.

4. International Summer Festival 2012
International Summer Festival 2012
On 14th July 2012, the VHS Lingen in cooperation with the Integration Pilots of Lingen organized an International Summer Festival where. About 140 immigrants followed the invitation. One of our learners, Johann Koops, who is also one of the Integration pilots, presented the Human Rights project. He focused on people's awareness of their rights, especially the right to free development of the personality, a right which extends to both Germans and immigrants likewise.

5. Information for teachers / lecturers of languages
On 14th March 2013 we provided a course where we informed our teachers/lecturers of languages of the In-Service Training as an action in the frame of the Grundtvig programme. We took this opportunity to present our current Learning partnerships, and thus of course also the Human Rights Project. After that we talked about ways to create new projects.

6. National Agency: Project day Grundtvig–Adult Education in Europe
On 23rd and 24th May 2013, we took part in the project day regarding strategies for adult education in Europe organized by our National Agency. All organiations in Germany that are involved in running Grundtvig-projects had been invited to attend the conference, about 120 accepted the invitation. Here we had the chance to exhibit our Human Rights poster, and during the several workshops we were able to introduce the Human Rights project and exchange experience with other organisations.

7. Citizen's Dialogue
Citizen's Dialogue
On 8th May 2013, the VHS Lingen organized a citizen's dialogue where we invited Lingen's citizens to debate about "Our Europe!". Before we started the discussion, we presented the participants the Grundtvig programme in short and after that we introduced our current learning partnerships, therefore also the Human Rights across Europe project.

8. Press release:
Press release
The presentation of the new course catalogue for the second semester 2013 "VHS Lingen: Gateway to Europe" allowed us to present our European Learning Partnerships, and thus also the Human Rights across Europe project to the public.