Article 6

"Everyone has the right to recognition everywhere as a person before the law"

3rd Meeting in Granada, Spain

The third  meeting took place  at the Fundación Docete Omnes, La Zubia, Granada Sapain from 24th to 28th of october 2012; in this meeting participated 9 researcher and one technician.

During the work the participant developed a workshop with introduction to the Moodle platform conducted by a technician of FDO; its were discussed several issues related to the platform on how to access the materials, downloads, access passwords ...
Brainstorming on the target group of the content of the platform / website and the content
The Turkish partner had already sent their ideas with case studies and active methods on Human Rights training and the partners, too, agreed it might be good to concentrate on the educators in order to give them some hints and tips regarding the didactics and methodologies.
Presentation of the results of the questionnaire by the German learners
Presentation of some ideas collected by the Finnish partner.
Setting the dates for the next meeting in Yozgat
We agreed on a meeting from 25th to 28th April 2013, with the 25th as date of arrival and 28th as day of departure.